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Reckless Worship?

AnOldSinner is blessed to attend a church which does its best to be a true place of worship, fellowship, and spiritual growth. It teaches from the Bible, ministers to the community as well as its flock, and seems, within the … Continue reading

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Which Jesus?

In “Whose Jesus” AnOldSinner discussed the idea that many people are seeking their personal interpretation of Jesus instead of the Jesus found in the Holy Bible. While the thought of people seeking an image of Jesus meeting their personal expectations … Continue reading

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What! Me Worry

AnOldSinner’s church pride’s itself on being “Monday morning relevant.” That means messages from the pulpit are designed to give congregants information they can use to live in the world while focusing on their relationship with Christ. One way to accomplish … Continue reading

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A Question of Significance

The small group study at our church recently undertook the question of significance.  Within a larger topic, the lesson addressed the question of individual significance.  An illustration in this particular lesson was a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip in which Calvin screams … Continue reading

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