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Faith in People

A friend posted this recently on FB. By friend, I mean someone I actually know and see in person at times. We’ve even done some ministry work together, and I have a great deal of respect for him. Still, as … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Testimony

Every Christian has a testimony. Unfortunately, as AnOldSinner has written in the past, some people never think about their testimony, and others really do not have a clue what the word means in the Christian sense. That does not mean … Continue reading

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Watching You

No one can truly know another’s heart. We try, but as humans we simply do not have that ability. For that reason, we are often confused or disappointed by family and friends. This can be especially true of children. Children … Continue reading

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Still Blessed

Almost three years ago AnOldSinner wrote a piece entitled “Blessed?” It was in response to an essay published by another Christian writer concerning the use of the term blessed. The writer in question (let’s call him Jerry)1 opined that American … Continue reading

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