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When the Light Fades

In some ways, every day is like the day before.  The sun rises, and the sun sets. The wind blows, or leaves hang motionless from the branches. Rain falls, or dust fills the air.  Yes, in some ways every day … Continue reading

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One Man’s Treasure

Ah, parables! Merriam-Webster defines a parable as follows, “a usually short fictitious story that illustrates a moral attitude or a religious principle.” To me, biblically at least, parables are often riddles. Riddles, for the record, are defined as, “a mystifying, … Continue reading

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Survival of the Fittest?

Adherents to Darwinism believe in survival of the fittest.  To be clear when Darwin’s devotees discuss the idea of survival of the fittest, they are not saying the most physically fit creature or creatures survive.  Thankfully, species survival is not … Continue reading

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Of Kings and a President

When it was clear Donald Trump would be our president, I was more than a bit concerned. Specifically, I told friends, “I pray he is our David and not our Saul.” As it turns out, he is a bit of … Continue reading

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Trailer Hitches, Latigos, and Christ

I thought I’d heard every allegory, comparison, or simile one could imagine when it came to preaching. I’ve heard a pastor use M&Ms to make a point about generosity, and I’ve listened to a Bible study leader equate Job with … Continue reading

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Reckless Worship?

AnOldSinner is blessed to attend a church which does its best to be a true place of worship, fellowship, and spiritual growth. It teaches from the Bible, ministers to the community as well as its flock, and seems, within the … Continue reading

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The Face of Jesus

“Whose Jesus?” and “Which Jesus?” discussed the questions or problems one can encounter when people see Jesus differently. In both instances, the problem, as this writer saw it, was people seeking a persona in Jesus that they could accept or … Continue reading

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