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Engage Your Brain

There is an old saying about engaging your brain before putting your mouth in gear. Unfortunately, many people do not seem to know or give credence to this bit of folk wisdom. Instead, many of us, including this writer at … Continue reading

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Whose Jesus?

An essay by a Christian writer recently caught AnOldSinner’s attention. The writer was chastising mainstream evangelical churches for failing to understand the needs of the younger generations.  The writer opined church leaders were missing the boat because they thought all … Continue reading

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Coming Together?

Well, someone got me late last year.  I opened my email and there it was.  One of my friends forwarded an email with the subject USA Map.  Given the fact the presidential election was held a few weeks earlier, I … Continue reading

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God’s Will Be Done?

The hot topic one morning recently on a local radio talk show was abortion.  The conservative host’s position was that life is sacred and abortion is morally wrong.  He found it disturbing that so many callers found abortion acceptable.  He … Continue reading

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