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Almost three weeks ago, I posted from a small fishing village on the northeast coast of Brazil. My post mentioned my location, apologized for not having something new to post, linked to a piece from several years ago, and stated I was trying to write another piece on blessings or being blessed.

Since returning from Brazil, I have tried mightily to write an essay triggered by something said during the mission to Brazil. As it turned out, I was at best tilting at windmills. At worst, I was completely misunderstanding what I was feeling called to do.

In trying to write something, anything actually, on this topic something kept interfering. I suppose one could write off what I saw as interference as a form of writer’s block or procrastination. Yet, that did not seem to be the case. I was hitting serious roadblocks, from computer problems, to schedule conflicts, to completing my responsibilities related to wrapping up the mission trip. I was thinking, what is going on here? Then the light dawned!

I was thinking I was supposed to write and publish something about a new, to me at least, idea of what it meant to be blessed. Consequently, I was scrambling around attempting to do research, and make sense of what I heard. Then it hit me. The person leading the discussion which inspired me to start this piece had already done the research. In fact, he had probably written something about this particular concept.1

I was not supposed to write something new. All I needed to do was share what he had already written. It was like a weight being lifted off my shoulders and a veil being lifted from my eyes. Click on the link below and see if you find anything different in Ken Miller’s discussion of what it means to be blessed, and what one normally thinks it means.

The Benefits of God’s Approval

1. It is embarrassing enough to find oneself unable to write intelligently on a subject. It is even more embarrassing to think I should have made the connection to this pastor’s blog more quickly. I serve with him all the time in our men’s ministry.

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