Of Blessings and Challenges

Three years ago this week AnOldSinner published “Truly Blessed.” This piece was published while I was on a men’s mission to a small village in Brazil. It was also a follow-up to a piece titled “Blessed” posted a few weeks earlier.

Today I am again blessed to be on a mission to the small village in Brazil. Returning to this village and its church is always a blessing, but it also has its challenges. In this case, the challenge has been twofold. First, I have little time to write. Second, I am an inspirational writer. That is, I can pound out something to publish, but my best work is when something inspires me. Once I have an inspiration, nothing else is completed until I have at least a first draft.

This trip to Brazil has inspired me to write another piece on the concept of being blessed. Unfortunately, for me at least, I have little free time and horrible internet connections. What free time I have is dedicated to photography and posting updates on the day’s mission activities. Even finding time to post this has been difficult, so much for my tale of woe.

If I am to write the piece I envision it will be published in two weeks. Until then, I thought it might be worthwhile to ask you to read or reread “Truly Blessed,” possibly even “Blessed?”

Just click on the link below, and check back on August 23 for the new piece.

Truly Blessed

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