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Noticeable Change?

People complain. Some complain a lot, and some complain a little. No matter the frequency, everyone complains. Even those shaking their heads as they read this muttering, “I never complain,” complain at times. It is part of the human condition, … Continue reading

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Wandering into the Thorns?

AnOldSinner suffered from a form of writer’s block a few months ago. I would come up with an idea, write about half of the piece, and lock up. I blamed it on how busy I was with my studies at … Continue reading

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A Defensive Position

AnOldSinner commented on the meaning and importance of a Christian’s testimony a few weeks ago.  One point made in “Unsworn Testimony” is how important the testimony may be to  someone hearing it.  While one’s testimony is important, the problem as … Continue reading

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Seeking a Shield?

The label seeker is often used to describe those who are seeking spiritual enlightenment. In the Christian community, a seeker is often thought of as someone seeking an understanding of Christianity, or seeking a better understanding of God and His … Continue reading

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