Baptism: One and Done?

AnOldSinner is going to cut a corner today. Instead of writing a new piece on the title of this post, I am going to link to an academic paper I wrote on the subject earlier this year. I am doing it this way for a couple of reasons. One is that I am completely inundated with other projects, and I am barely keeping up with my daily Bible studies, volunteer work and pretending to practice real estate. The other is that this is a serious topic, and my usual writing style may not be appropriate for this issue. Accordingly, I thought I would publish the paper and let you draw your own conclusions about the topic.

The title gives you an idea of the focus of the paper. There is a question, a serious question, about rebaptism. Some may be aware of the current conflict in this area, and some may be aware of conflict in past centuries. In other cases, readers may be thinking, “What conflict?” Whatever your particular understanding on this question, the paper is a fairly quick read, not horribly academic, a point made by my professor, and it might pique your interest enough to look into the matter a bit.

One reason it should interest any believer is that there appears to be a growing segment of believers who feel the need to be baptized more than once. If that is true, it is likely anyone who professes to be the least bit authoritative in the area of Christianity or ministry will be asked about the issue at some point. It might be a good idea to think about the question before a friend, colleague or someone in crisis asks about it. See what you think.


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